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MI Body Contours & Cosmetics is located in Dearborn. The practice offer numerous treatments including liposuction surgical and non surgical procedures, cosmetic surgeries including: vampire faselift, vampire breast lift, brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck, p shots, o shots, botox and fillers and more. All body contouring treatments are carried out with meticulous attention and refined skills using advanced technology by one of the top surgeons in Michigan.

MI Body Contours & Cosmetics provides you with customized, personalized patient care to help you achieve your ideal physical and aesthetic goals. Our facility houses one of the only SmartLipo Triplex™ lasers in the region, the most advanced laser lipolysis technology available to date.

MI Body Contours & Cosmetics has performed SmartLipo laser lipolysis on over 400 hundred patients. We never perform traditional liposuction. We specialize in technically advanced body contouring that produces phenomenal results, and we only utilize the most advanced techniques and technology to achieve them. Your procedure will be less invasive, less painful, and with dramatically faster recovery than with other outdated liposuction techniques and technology.

Mi Body Contours & Cosmetics specializes in the art of SmartLipo Hi-Definition Liposculpture; an advanced technique dedicated to increasing your muscle definition and overall tone. You can see the amazing results here. Simply put, there is no finer facility, staff or medical personnel suited for your body contouring procedure in the Triangle.

If you’re considering liposuction, and would like to see what your results could be like with the latest advancements and a renowned surgeon, then schedule your complimentary, confidential consultation with our center today! Contact us