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Fat Grafting




fat grafting

Fat grafting, also called fat transfer, plumbs up facial or body features with a patient's own fat. Fat transfer is designed to minimize wrinkles and fill in parts of the face or body with a "sunken" appearance. It can also reduce scarring and correct deformities. Since fat transfer uses your own fat cells, there is no risk of the body rejecting the tissue.


People with:

  • Facial scars, such as from acne.
  • Decreased facial volume due to diseases such as hemifacial atrophy.
  • Sunken cheeks and wrinkles due to aging.
  • Small, depressed areas in sections of the body --- such as around the breasts.
  • Intended Result
  • Improved body contour, reduced scarring, or enhanced features.
  • Fat transfer is performed on an outpatient basis. Both the area from which the fat is taken and the treatment site are anesthetized with a local anesthetic.
  • Using a small needle, fat is removed from an area of the body where it is tightly packed, such as the abdomen or the buttocks.
  • Once removed, the fat is processed to remove excess fluids and then re-injected just under the skin using another needle.
  • After the fat transfer procedure, moderate swelling usually is evident for two weeks after the procedure. Some bruising also may be apparent.
  • The surgeon usually over-corrects defects to allow for reabsorption, so the over-correction can make the patient's face look too plump or swollen for about a week.
  • Some bruising, swelling, and redness in both the area where fat was removed and in the area where it was re-injected. Patients can typically resume their normal activities right away.