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At MI Body Contours & Cosmetics, we hold a deep understanding of the important role that physical image plays in life, yet we never lose sight of the emotional health of our patients.

Our approach to cosmetic surgery integrates both body and mind. Our guiding principle is to treat you with the utmost respect, help you make an educated decision, and to provide you with the finest medical services in the safest, most professional and comfortable environment.

We will work with you personally, to first determine what you wish to achieve cosmetically and then use all of our skills, talents and technological capabilities to help you reach these goals. Finally, we will provide unparalleled follow-up services to ensure you realize maximum results as well as peace of mind.

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Hair Transplant (SmartGraft)

Hair Transplant In Dearborn MI


Your Hair Restoration Clinic in Dearborn, Michigan

Hair restoration is used to help hundreds of thousands of people every year achieve the youthful appearance they once had with a full head of hair. Minimally invasive hair restoration from MI Hair Restoration is a desirable affordable option for both men and women who are experiencing hair loss and want to regain that youthful appearance and most important that youthful feeling.


At MI Hair Restoration in Dearborn Michigan, we take an artistic approach to create a natural and undetectable result that frames the face, creates a younger-looking appearance and gives you more confidence.


Our practice is dedicated to the natural hair restoration utilizing the most advanced hair loss treatments and hair transplant techniques to achieve our patients’ hair restoration goals. Dr. Ali Elhorr is one of a few hair restoration surgeons in the world trained to do the minimally invasive SmartGraft automated hair restoration procedure, the most advanced and least invasive solution for permanent hair restoration available today for both men and women.


smartgraft machine

SmartGraft is the first and only device with a “closed harvesting system” that is revolutionizing the way physicians perform minimally invasive hair restoration. The SmartGraft device allows physicians to gently, and precisely, harvest, collect and store donor grafts more efficiently and safer than any other technology available today. By automating the procedure process and eliminating many unnecessary manual steps, the time that it requires to complete this minimally invasive procedure is less than half the time of other harvesting techniques and devices. By eliminating the multiple uses of forceps during harvesting and collection, we reduce the risk of damaging the follicles giving them the best chance of optimum regrowth. The grafts are remained more pristine and robust prior to transplantation.

Choosing to have hair restoration is a very personal decision, and one of the best ways to determine if hair restoration surgery is right for you is to schedule an initial consultation with Mibodycontours & Cosmetics.

During your initial consultation, we will discuss all aspects of your hair restoration procedure with you. He will answer all of your questions, as well as review financing options so that your procedure is as affordable as possible.


Hair replacement surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed on men and women who have significant hair loss, thinning hair, or bald spots where hair no longer grows. The procedure can enhance your appearance and your self-confidence through hair replacement techniques that use your existing hair.

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a natural metabolite of the human body and the main reason for hair loss in both male and female pattern baldness. In male-pattern baldness hair typically grows only in a horseshoe shape around the head. Female pattern baldness is characterized by diffuse thinning of the hair on the entire scalp, although some women have hair loss that mimics male pattern baldness.