Aquagold Fine Touch

The celebrity-approved non-invasive facial.

I have experienced a lot of my clients who stay away from skin treatments due to the phobia of needles or so to not deviate from looking natural. The keyword that many of us would like is to look young and natural. Now there’s Aquagold® Fine Touch™, a new micro channeling treatment to improve damaged skin with no bruising or downtime.



Aquagold is a revolutionary microneedle device that contains 24 karat gold needles, each of which is finer in width than a strand of human hair. This micro-needling is attached to a small container that is filled with a unique cocktail of ingredients. Ingredients range from Botox, dermal fillers, different kinds of beauty vitamins, retinol, Turmeric serum, Kojic acid, lidocaine, antioxidants, Growth Factor Micro Serum from Neocutis, and Platelet-rich-plasma. While the 24 karat needles are creating small channels into the skin the ingredients are facilitated into the deep layers of the skin with an ideal depth of 600microns. 


Applying anti-aging products directly under the skin allows them to be absorbed much more effectively and with a much longer duration of effectiveness because these products do not have to bypass the natural protective barrier of the skin. Deeper penetration of these active ingredients results in a more healthy and vibrant appearance of the skin. Aquagold is a versatile tool for treating a number of cosmetic facial issues such as:



Aquagold Facial 6Fine lines and wrinkles

Acne scarring

Decreased skin elasticity

Loss of facial volume



PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is an essential ingredient in the recipe and in combination with other ingredients it triggers the process of stimulating collagen and elastin production to thicken and tighten thinning skin. It also works on improving skin tone and texture from smoothing fine lines and wrinkles to antioxidant and hydrating skin. It also acts as an antioxidant and has hydrating properties. 


The benefits of this treatment would not show immediately like you would see in fillers rather improvement appears gradually over months. The solution can be customized with other ingredients to maximize results. For that reason, it is best customized by a trained cosmetic doctor to achieve optimal results. 


This procedure keeps the skin hydrated thanks to the injection of dermal fillers, and the new collagen you create from the microneedles can keep skin texture smooth and dewy. 


This treatment didn’t require any numbing applied beforehand because the needles are so small and tiny you don’t experience but slight discomfort during stamping of the face. Aside from the temporary mild redness which usually only lasts minutes to hours depending on the skin type, you can really walk out the door with dewier, glower, healthier skin.


I would honestly recommend this treatment because my skin looked so incredibly clear, bright, healthy, and youthful within days, but the real results came about a week or so later. I received compliments from friends that I looked happier and younger.    


Microinfusion is a great option for enhancing your skin's clarity and brightness before an event or for maintaining optimal skin health. It is an easy, effective, relatively painless, and safe treatment for any skin type. It also delivers gorgeous glowing skin with no downtime. Who doesn't want that?