aquagold facial near me in dearborn mi

Aquagold Fine Touch

The celebrity-approved non-invasive facial.

I have experienced a lot of my clients who stay away from skin treatments due to the phobia of needles or so to not deviate from looking natural. The keyword that many of us would like is to look young and natural. Now there’s Aquagold® Fine Touch™, a new micro channeling treatment to improve damaged skin with no bruising or downtime.


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platelet rich plasma - PRP facial in dearborn mi

PRP - Lifting Cog Threads

January 4, 2019


In any cosmetic procedure, patients and doctors alike, seek a safer, quicker and more effective technique. By combining the use of lifting threads with Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP), it is possible to deliver consistent results that are more natural and highly effective whilst improving recovery rate and avoiding risks of transmissible infections and other diseases.

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exilis elite facial near me in dearborn michigan

Exilis Elite:

What is it & what can it do for you?


Exilis is a device that was introduced to dermatologists several years ago. The creator of the device, BTL Aesthetics, created this device to use radiofrequency waves to heat up specific layers of the skin in order to melt away fat and tighten skin. Many dermatologists have quickly adopted the Exilis technology to provide their patients with an alternative to liposuction and other surgery. However, before opting for this procedure, it’s important to understand what Exilis can and cannot do.

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prp facial near me in dearborn michigan

What Is PRP?

PRP stands for ‘Platelet-Rich Plasma’ and is actually a natural by-product that’s created by your own body. If you’ve ever gotten a scan on your elbow or knee, and then noticed a clear-yellowish liquid cover the scab, this is PRP. PRP is responsible for healing and creating new cell platelets from scratch. It’s an application to cosmetics is simply astounding and amazing. It’s also used for the rapid treatment of health injuries for sports professionals and has many other applications as well.

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does ultherapy work ?





Loose skin is one of the most common complaints aesthetic physicians hear from their patients. There are several treatment options available to doctors ranging from completely non-invasive to performing a surgical facelift. Now, Ulthera is adding another tool in the mix by using ultrasound to reach the underlying tissues of the face that previous treatments missed.

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non invasive cosmetic surgery in dearborn michigan

Cosmetic Surgery Near Me In Dearborn MI Part II


Although cosmetic surgery has been around for over a very long time, 2016 will witness an explosion of a whole new range of cosmetic procedures. From Labia Lipo and Kybella treatments (the new Botox) to enhanced Vampire Face Lifts, Breast Lifts, and more, no matter what you’re trying to do, you can be rest assured to kick aging in the gut!

Part II of this article set focuses on the Vampire Breast Lift, Labia Lipo, and, the one you’ve all been waiting for, the Orgasm Shot.

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