prp facial in dearborn mi

What Is PRP?

PRP stands for ‘Platelet-Rich Plasma’ and is actually a natural by-product that’s created by your own body. If you’ve ever gotten a scan on your elbow or knee, and then noticed a clear-yellowish liquid cover the scab, this is PRP. PRP is responsible for healing and creating new cell platelets from scratch. It’s an application to cosmetics is simply astounding and amazing. It’s also used for the rapid treatment of health injuries for sports professionals and has many other applications as well.

In cosmetic procedures, a small amount of blood is drawn from you and placed in a sterile tube which is then inserted into a centrifuge machine that separates the different elements of the blood. Red and white blood cells are divided from the platelets and plasma (the clearish fluid). This plasma now contains a higher than normal number of platelets and is therefore called platelet-rich plasma, or PRP.



Platelets are the particular cells in your blood which aid your tissue to heal and grow new cells. The PRP, which is injected into particular areas of the skin, acts as a matrix field that promotes your body’s own collagen to grow, regenerate new tissue, and therefore to act as a completely natural smoother to make it look young, radiant, and firm. As a result, PRP gives many benefits that include:

-       Beautiful tightened skin

-       Completely minimized wrinkles

-       Extremely smooth skin

-       Improved skin texture and tone


PRP treatment has a very long history of being used in several specialties such as:

- Dentistry

- Reconstructive surgery

- Orthopedic medicine

- Sports

And, recently, PRP treatment in beauty and cosmetics has blown up. It’s used in areas such as:

- Dermatology

- Skin wound healing

- Cosmetic facial rejuvenation

- Increase in male and female libido

- Increase in female orgasms

Breast enhancement

- More!

Scientific studies that go back more than thirty years have shown and proved how PRP grows new collagen when injected into the skin, and more recent studies have also shown that PRP can minimize the effects of sun damage and aging skin issues.


How exactly is PRP therapy different from other injections or dermal fillers?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, such as Belotero and Juvederm, are made up of solid materials that fill gaps, lines and skin folds. These fillers are utilized to soften deeper lines such as certain folds around the mouth(e.g. marionette lines) or to plump up lips. These filler treatments generally last anywhere from 6-18 months; therefore repeated treatments are required to bring the area back to where it was.

PRP helps stimulate your body’s own collagen for complete facial rejuvenation, instead of simply treating individual wrinkles. It’s a holistic process. PRP is used for increasing the volume of your face, especially those parts that would begin to look drawn, wrinkly, and saggy. PRP also plumps out your cheek indentations and softens (pretty-much eliminates) eye hollows and the blacks under the eyes. PRP improves skin tone, skin firmness, and skin texture. It also fills those areas where HA fillers can’t reach or are not safe to use.

In addition, HA fillers such as Restalyne and Juvederm can also be combined with PRP for maximum impact facial rejuvenation. Since HA fillers and PRP are used as two types of treatments for different purposes, they greatly complement each other in order to give you a stunning final result for a beautiful, radiant, and youthful face. HA Fillers fill particular facial lines and folds while PRP improves your face’s overall volume, radiance, tone, firmness, and fullness. PRP also maximizes the overall quality and texture of your skin instead of just filling lines, crevices, and deeper wrinkles in your face.


A very small amount of blood will be extracted from you (about the same amount as used for a blood test). Then, while your PRP is prepared, your skin will be fully cleansed and prepared for the treatment. During PRP preparation, it’s inserted into a machine that spins the blood until the PRP is extracted.

This PRP is then usually mixed with fillers and your doctor will conduct only mildly-uncomfortable injections. The process is very quick and can be finished in less than half an hour.

The entire process is almost painless and you won’t need and after-care or post-procedure maintenance. You won’t need to take time off and can continue with your normal routine the same day or the day after.

After the procedure, you may experience the following minor discomforts:

- Mild swelling

- Some redness

- Some bruising

Since the PRP comes from your own body and is made from your own cells, this just about eliminates the possibility of negative side effects.


The entire purpose of PRP skin rejuvenation is to improve your skin’s tone and texture, as well as to tighten the skin, making it firmer and softening lines as well as pores. Results will begin to show within 3-4 weeks and will continue to improve better and better over time. Generally, three different treatment sessions are recommended, which should be spaced about 1-2 months apart from each other. This would fully maximize the impact of the treatment.