Priapus Shot in Dearborn MI

The Natural Way to Boost Male Pleasure, Desire (& Pride)


The term ‘P Shot’ comes from the root word Priapus who was, as you probably guessed, the Greek God of Fertility. Over the course of our short human history, the word ‘Priapus’ became just another synonym of the penis. This synonym is still understood in the same way today.

 Now, the Priapus shot (or P-Shot) is actually a medical procedure that uses platelet-rich plasma (blood-derived growth factors) to greatly rejuvenate, lengthen, and revitalize the penis.

In brief, the P-Shot is a natural method of male enhancement since it uses the patient’s own growth factors to get results. Blood-derived growth factor treatment (using PRP) is actually a proven method used in a variety of ways, not just male enhancement but also for vaginal rejuvenation and healing damaged tissue. The NBA Star Stephen Curry received PRP treatment in this year’s Western Conference Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder. He bounced back after his injury much sooner than anyone had anticipated.



About Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP, this is extracted from a patient’s own blood. This PRP contains immensely-rich growth factors that are very carefully inserted into particular areas on the penis. This causes natural healing and cell revitalization to occur in weak areas of the penis and this causes super-healthy tissue to grow around the site (penis enlargement).




Any male who seeks to enhance the length of his penis, increase his erectile function (sexual health), and/or increase the actual physical arousal/stimulation should seek a consultation appointment with a licensed PRP doctor.




Besides being non-surgical and a minimally-invasive procedure, the variety of benefits coming from the P-Shot are actually astounding and this list includes:

General Benefits

- Much-increased blood flow to the penis

- Natural penis enlargement

- Natural male enhancement

- Healthier sexual functioning

An Easy-going Minimally-invasive Procedure

- A virtually painless procedure

- No surgery or complex anesthesia

- Procedure done in less than 20 minutes

- No recovery time needed after the procedure

- No risk of an allergic reaction

- Absolutely no foreign substances are used in the injection (only naturally-derived growth factors)

Incredible results in male enhancement, stimulation, and look

- Increased sexual stimulation and pleasure

- A natural and proven alternative to pills or male enhancement gimmicks

- More satisfying erections

- Immediate and long-term response to sexual stimulation

- A stronger-looking and feeling penis

- Generation of new blood vessels

- Increased blood circulation

- Healthier rejuvenated skin

Other Amazing Benefits

- Helps eliminate any damage that has resulted from Diabetes
- Strengthens the effect of erectile dysfunction medications such as Viagra and Cialis

- Very helpful to men who have recently undergone prostate surgery (and even after a prostatectomy)

Post-procedure Benefits

- Scientifically proven effective and safe

- Results last anywhere from 18 months or longer

- Minimal or no bruising or redness



The P-Shot procedure can last anywhere from 20 - 45 minutes. The procedure usually goes through the following steps:

 Blood is first drawn from your arm, usually the same amount as that drawn for a normal blood test. After that, the blood is inserted into a centrifuge machine to extract the PRP growth factors from the blood. Next, the PRP is activated and the Penis is prepared using a topical numbing cream. Then the PRP components are injected into the particular areas on the penis. 

MI Body Contours & Cosmetics are specially-trained and fully licensed to administer the P-Shot. Their extensive experience in sexual health and rejuvenation includes the P-Shot for men, the )-Shot for women, and comprehensive treatment to improve overall sexual wellness and minimize/eliminate sexual dysfunction.

If you have low sexual desire, trouble reaching orgasm, ungratifying size, or difficulty getting aroused, contact MI Body Contours & Cosmetics today and set up a consultation appointment with among the most well-known doctors in Detroit & Michigan surrounding area...