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Would you ever say no to more fulfilling orgasms? Would you say no to more orgasms? Or would you say no to an increased desire to have better, healthier sex? Probably not, especially since over 50% of women suffer from some type of sexual dysfunction. In most cases, this dysfunction is related to a reduced desire to have sex (and reduced pleasure in the act of sex itself).

Regarding orgasms, many women have trouble in that area as well. An in-depth study recently conducted discovered that an incredible 80 percent of women fake having orgasms during vaginal intercourse. Furthermore, the study had 71 participants and about 40% of them faked orgasms over 90% of the time!

Although the R&D departments of so many pharmaceuticals are racing to market a magic viagra pill for women, there is one innovating pioneer who has come up with a solution. Not only has this solution been proven to be powerfully effective, but it’s also been proven to be completely natural and safe.




You’ve probably seen the catchy headlines, read the interesting anecdotes, and heard lots of talk show hosts giving the scoop on it - the O-Shot (which stands for the ‘Orgasm’ Shot) is proven to be an extremely effective treatment option for females who want better, more frequent orgasms as well as an increased desire for sexual intercourse. In addition, the O-Shot is a non-surgical resolution for stress & urge incontinence. One-shot solves the problem! No need for surgery. No need for pain. And no need for embarrassing trips to the bathroom.

The O-Shot name and procedure are patented by Dr. Charles Runels M.D., the same person behind the invention of the Vampire Breastlift® and Vampire Facelift®.

The O-Shot is actually a rather simple procedure that uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate, repair, and renew the vaginal sexual system.

What is PRP? It’s actually extracted from your own blood. PRP is amazing actually. It is the portion of your blood that contains cell growth factors. For example, if you scrape your knee or elbow and get a scab, you’ll instantly see a yellowish clear liquid start to cover it. This fluid is what heals that scab and damaged tissue. This yellowish fluid is exactly what PRP is.




PRP growth factor technology has been used for decades to treat professional athletes for their injuries. PRP has also been used to diminish aging factors and symptoms. When applied to the face, PRP minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, and even sun damage. This particular PRP procedure is known as the Vampire Facelift® and Kim Kardashian, the TV mega superstar, made it immensely popular by getting one.




Similar to the Vampire Facelift, The O-Shot starts with the doctor drawing blood from the patient (about the same amount as a typical blood test). This blood is then taken to a special centrifuge machine that separates the PRP from the red blood platelets. The PRP is then delicately combined with a special blend of ingredients to activate the special growth factors in the PRP. This PRP blend is then taken and injected carefully into specific centers of the vagina and clitoris to trigger the repair and rejuvenation of damaged or aged tissue.

Patients will generally experience results within just days of receiving the treatment with improvements increasing over the course of a few weeks and lasting up to a year and a half.




The degree of benefits resulting from the O-shot typically varies from patient to patient since the biological makeup of every woman is different. However, the benefits of the O-shot will almost always include:

A much-improved orgasm (both vaginal and clitoral)

Greater stimulation of the vagina and clitoris

A tightened opening of the vagina

Stronger and more frequent orgasms

An increased desire to have sex

Elimination of Stress & Urge Incontinence

Increased ability for the vagina to naturally lubricate itself

“These results and benefits have also been reported to help those women who suffer pain during sexual intercourse, those who experience hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), and those who suffer from stress and urge incontinence.”

The team @ MI Body Contours & Cosmetics are specially-trained and fully-licensed to administer the O-Shot. Their extensive experience in sexual health and rejuvenation includes the O-Shot for women, the Priapus Shot for men and a comprehensive treatment to improve overall sexual wellness and minimize/eliminate sexual dysfunction.